Battle Plan Strategic Consulting, LLC

Battle Plan Strategic Consulting, LLC provides diverse and tactical career, project management, and recruiting consulting/expertise to individuals and businesses across both the private and public sectors.

Our Services

Career Consulting

Individuals in the job market oftentimes need guidance to figure out how to best frame their experience via their resume, or perhaps, what training or certifications they should pursue. Battle Plan Strategic Consulting offers culturally competent career consulting services. We collaborate with each client to formulate strategic plans related to their job searches, identify a variety of educational and professional development opportunities, thereby “readying them for battle”. Services offered include:

  • Career Consultations

  • Battle Ready Resume

  • Battle Ready Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn Update

  • Curated Job Search


Battle Plan Strategic Consulting understands the unique recruiting challenges faced by many organizations. We specialize in networking, building pools of viable candidates, and ensuring each candidate has the required technical skills for optimal performance, along with values and goals that are in alignment with the mission and vision of the companies we partner with. Allow us to assist your organization with any hiring needs by utilizing best practices in talent acquisition to promptly fill open contractual or permanent positions.

Project Management Consulting

Efficient project management is essential to the success of every organization across every industry, especially complex, highly visible/impactful, and time-sensitive projects. Battle Plan Strategic Consulting has a proven track record of providing exemplary project management consulting and expertise to execute projects in support of private and public sector operations. Our PMP Certified Project Managers possess years of experience managing and/or consulting on both technical and non-technical projects. Areas of expertise include:

  • Agile Methodology (including Scrum)

  • Healthcare Quality Improvement

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Public Health & Health Equity

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation/MHS GENESIS

  • Risk Management

  • Resource Identification and Coordination

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Knowledge Management

  • Project Plan Development

  • Collection/Evaluation of Project Metrics

Professional Development Workshops

Battle Plan Strategic Consulting has a proven track record of delivering successful professional development workshops related to career consulting and project management. Via a combination of exemplary facilitation, engagement, and expertise in the principles of adult learning and retention, these workshops allow organizations to positively impact their employees’ career growth and morale.



"As a direct result of your resume and professional services overhaul, I was able to secure a new position and increase my salary by $60K - within 90 days. The resume feedback from everyone involved in this process has been stellar! Thanks again for giving me that extra piece. You made the difference! ”

Andre W